showing lineups for each show
and linking to gig posters

LINEUP DATE VENUE BANDS (headliner in caps)
c 25/5/19 Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine MONNONE ALONE, The Steinbecks, The Truffle Pigs (Steph & Al from Dick Diver)
c 26/1/19 Newstead Live festival, Newstead The Steinbecks and many others
f 21/6/15 Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine THE STEINBECKS
f 30/5/15 Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford The Steinbecks and many others (launch of Popboomerang’s PB100)
f 25/4/15 Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine The Steinbecks and many others (‘Fridge & Window’ benefit)
f 18/4/15 Mostyn Street, Castlemaine THE STEINBECKS (for Record Store Day)
f 1/8/14 Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine STEVE LANE & THE AUTOCRATS, The Steinbecks
f 3/7/14 Steve Norwood session, Live on Main FM, Castlemaine THE STEINBECKS
f 6/6/14 Live on Lydiard, Federation Uni, Ballarat MOTOR CITY SOUNDS, The Steinbecks, Michael Hardiman
f 31/5/14 Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine THE STEINBECKS, The Glory Box
f 10/5/14 Workers Club, Melbourne THE STEINBECKS, Nick Batterham & Tamas Wells
f 2/3/14 Stockroom – Sculpture Garden, Kyneton THE STEINBECKS, DD Dumbo & Hounds Homebound
f 1/12/13 Stockroom – Sculpture Garden, Kyneton FRASER A. GORMAN, The Steinbecks & Matthew Sigley
f 22/06/13 Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine THE FISH JOHN WEST REJECT, The Steinbecks
f 16/06/13 Toff in Town, Melbourne WINTER MIGRATION, The Steinbecks
f 21/12/12 Theatre Royal, Castlemaine THE STEINBECKS
f 14/12/12 Theatre Royal, Castlemaine THE STEINBECKS (two sets)
Postponed due to rain
f 2/11/12 Empress Hotel, North Fitzroy THE STEINBECKS, Bart & Friends, Mark Murphy, Adam Dennis, Tim Best, Mark Narkowicz, Matt Sigley
f 19/10/12 Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine JAPE SQUAD, The Steinbecks
b 11/12/11 Lot 19, Castlemaine THE STEINBECKS and many others (benefit gig for Cambodian communities)
c 27/11/11 Rocky Passes Estate, Seymour ADAM DENNIS, The Steinbecks
e 11/05/07 Northcote Social Club, Northcote THE STEINBECKS, the Guild League, the Daytime Frequency
e 21/04/07 Pure Pop Records, St Kilda THE STEINBECKS
e 31/03/07 Brunswick Velodrome, Brunswick THE STEINBECKS
e 28/4/06 Cornish Arms, Brunswick THE DUNAWAYS, Matthew Quartermaine, The Steinbecks
e 23/2/06 Rob Roy, Fitzroy THE LOVETONES, The Daytime Frequency, The Steinbecks
b 17/10/04 TLC, Bayswater THE SCRABBLES, The Steinbecks, Rowan Austin and others
e 3/10/04 Tote, Collingwood THE GEAR, The Steinbecks, The Raylenes, The Icypoles
e 21/08/04 The Corner Hotel, Richmond THE GUILD LEAGUE, The Steinbecks, The Restless
e 13/08/04 Bar 303, Northcote THE STEINBECKS, Vox Congo, Next Blue
e 30/7/04 The Old Bar, Fitzroy THE CA$INOS, The Steinbecks, The Sound Platform, Ill Bravados
e 25/4/04 Pony, Melbourne THE GUILD LEAGUE, The Steinbecks, Wes Davidson
e 14/2/04 Central Club, Richmond THE STEINBECKS, The Sound Platform, The Tranquilizers
e 23/1/04 Rob Roy Hotel, Fitzroy THE STEINBECKS, Tamas Wells, Pete Stone, Broken Flight
e 10/1/04 Rob Roy Hotel, Fitzroy SONIA, Ben Birchall, The Steinbecks, Emily Ulman, Gorgeous, Surrogate Turnip
c 7/12/03 Empress, N Fitzroy DILI ALLSTARS, Charlie Marshall, Suzette Herft, Slight of Build, Duckdive, Tesfalem, The Steinbecks
e 15/11/03 Tote, Collingwood (evening) Mid-State
Orange, The Cliffy Davis Goodtime Band, Deloris, The Sound
Platform,Paper Planes, The Steinbecks, The Suits, The Ca$inos, The
Tranquilizers, The Crayon Fields
e 15/11/03 Rob Roy Hotel, Fitzroy (afternoon) THE STEINBECKS, Duckdive
e 7/11/03 Rob Roy Hotel, Fitzroy THE STEINBECKS, Rumours, The Daytime Frequency
e 30/10/03 161, Prahran SUNNY DISPOSITION, The Steinbecks
e 14/09/03 Rob Roy Hotel, Fitzroy THE SOUND PLATFORM, The Steinbecks
e 13/09/03 Good Morning Captain, Collingwood THE STEINBECKS, Strip For Cash
e 02/08/03 Fanclub, Rochester Castle Hotel, Fitzroy THE STEINBECKS
e 21/05/03 Rob Roy, Fitzroy THE STEINBECKS, Surrogate Turnip, Duckdive
e 03/05/03 Ben Smith’s, Healesville THE STEINBECKS
e 02/04/03 The Evelyn Hotel, FItzroy THE LUCKSMITHS, The Steinbecks, Droplet
b 27/03/03 The Speaking Trumpet, Retro, Fitzroy THE STEINBECKS
e 16/03/03 The Collective Backyard, Hawthorn THE STEINBECKS, Toshiro
e 29/11/02 Good Morning Captain, Collingwood THE DAYTIME FREQUENCY, The Steinbecks
e 14/09/02 Empress, N Fitzroy RUCKROVER, Lacto Ovo, The Steinbecks
e 23/08/02 Planet Cafe, Fitzroy BEGGARDAWN, The Steinbecks, Lillian Thomas
e 3/08/02 The Big House, Brunswick MARK NARKOWICZ AND THE DUNAWAYS, The Steinbecks
e 2/08/02 Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda BARKING AT STRANGERS, Sweetchuck, The Steinbecks
e 28/01/02 Otira, Kew THE STEINBECKS, Kangaroo Sausages
e 19/01/02 Club Attunga, Blackburn THE STEINBECKS, Robert Cooper
e 2/11/01 TLC, Bayswater THE STEINBECKS, Jerry Rinse’s Latin Dancers
j 26/03/00 Laundry, Fitzroy THE LUCKSMITHS, Kissing Book, Joel Steinbeck, Bart
c 12/02/99 Evelyn, Fitzroy THE EARTHMEN, Augie March, The Steinbecks
b 28/11/98 Tote, Collingwood (upstairs) BART & FRIENDS, Robert Cooper, The Steinbecks, AD
c 7/11/98 Empress, N Fitzroy COCO SAVAGE, The Killjoys, The Steinbecks, The Sunbeams
d 7/08/98 Empress, N Fitzroy THE STEINBECKS, Ginger Lyn, Matt Sigley & Nick Batterham
d 17/07/98 Subterrain, N Fitzroy THE LUCKSMITHS, The Steinbecks
d 24/06/98 Punters Club, Fitzroy THE LUCKSMITHS, J Walker, The Steinbecks
b 12/09/97 Trufullar Tree, N Fitzroy BETTY LONGSHOTS TRIO, The Steinbecks
b 28/06/97 Punters Club, Fitzroy THE LUCKSMITHS, The Steinbecks
c 27/05/97 Continental, Prahran THE EARTHMEN, The Steinbecks
c 18/04/97 TLC, Bayswater JUST, The Steinbecks, Coco Savage
b 22/10/95 TLC, Bayswater JUST, The Steinbecks, Emma Stuart Three, Caroline Oates
b 7/09/95 Cherry Tree, Richmond HOOVA, The Steinbecks
b 3/09/95 Empress, N Fitzroy HECATE, Westgarth Veleteen, Otis 11, The Steinbecks
b 15/08/95 Empress, N Fitzroy JAPE SQUAD, Mark Murphy, The Steinbecks
a 28/07/95 Punters Club, Fitzroy THE LUCKSMITHS, Slurper, The Steinbecks
a 13/05/95 Empress, N Fitzroy THE STEINBECKS, Bittersweet, Sohcahtoa, Nick Batterham
a 12/04/95 Punters Club, Fitzroy THE STEINBECKS, Hispana Tim, Paradise Motel
a 12/03/95 Divine Decadence, Prahran AUTOMATIC, The Steinbecks
a 24/02/95 Evelyn, Fitzroy AUTOHAZE, The Earthmen, The Steinbecks, Colorsound
a 10/02/95 Empress, N Fitzroy THE STEINBECKS, Burnside, Boomshanka
a 15/01/95 Annandale, Sydney SNOUT, Drop City, The Earthmen, The Steinbecks
a 14/01/95 Hunter on Hunter, Newcastle DROP CITY, Snout, The Earthmen, The Steinbecks
a 9/12/94 Empress, N Fitzroy THE STEINBECKS
a 5/12/94 Lounge, Melbourne THE STEINBECKS, Kirsty Stegwazi
a 25/11/94 Evelyn, Fitzroy THE EARTHMEN, The Steinbecks, Blue Mist Drive
a 11/11/94 Carlton Moviehouse THE STEINBECKS, Head
a 28/10/94 Punters Club, Fitzroy EVEN, The Steinbecks, The Plums
a 22/10/94 Evelyn, Fitzroy BILLY BAXTER, The Steinbecks, The Sloths
a 24/09/94 Evelyn, Fitzroy SUNGLASS, The Steinbecks

A guide to Steinbecks lineups:

a-Josh Meadows
Joel Meadows
Adam Dennis
Robert Cooper
Bianca Lew
b-Josh Meadows
Joel Meadows
c-Josh & Joel
plus guests on selected songs
d-Josh Meadows
Joel Meadows
Matthew Sigley
Darren Seltmann
e-Josh Meadows
Joel Meadows
Andy Gosden
Joel Sprake
f-Josh Meadows
Joel Meadows
Matthew Sigley
Joseph Bromley